Terms of Service

The Store will provide the convenient transactions to you in accordance with the following terms (the "Terms"). In order to protect your benefits, please read the Terms carefully. Once you have registered as the Member of the Store, or have started using the Service, you shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed the whole Terms and all contents of this "Privacy Statement" (the "Statement”). Please do not register as the Member and stop using the Service immediately, if you do not agree any part of the Terms. The Terms are provided as follows:

A. Member Information
1. Before using the Service, you must provide the correct personal data to register as the Member without any registration fee; after completing the registration, the Member is entitled to use the Service and participates in the activities related to the Service. If any changes of your personal data, the Member shall update instantly to protect your benefits. If any Member fails to update his/her personal data correctly and result in being unable to receive any information send out by the Store, including the member’s benefits, discounts, activity contents, or the notifications of change, termination of Member's benefits, discounts, and activity contents, the Member agrees to be deemed to have received the information and/or notifications under these circumstances.
2. The Member's personal data is protected and regulated by the Statement of the Store.

B. Changes to the Service Content
Member agrees that the Store may adjust, change, modify or terminate the Service and the Terms at any time, and these actions are effective upon issuing the announcement from Store without further individual notifications.

The latest Terms shall supersede all previous versions of Terms.

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